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A revolutionary way to work out, Strength Training for Fat Loss uses the groundbreaking 3 Cs of metabolic strength training to burn fat faster, sculpt lean, super-defined muscle, and build power, strength, and endurance all at once. Get fit, toned, and tight FAST!

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Developed by cutting-edge fitness innovator and renowned performance coach Nick Tumminello, the Strength Training for Fat Loss program uses metabolic strength training — specifically, the 3 Cs, which, according to Coach Nick, are the most efficient way to work out. Based on scientifically founded principles, this innovative workout forces you to work all the muscle groups in your body at once at high intensity for results you can see and feel almost immediately!


Scientific research has shown us that muscle is metabolically active tissue that burns fat. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism and the more calories you torch — even as you sleep!

Cardio like running or cycling can't even match the massive fat and calorie burn you get with the 3 Cs. With this unique workout, you don't have to do cardio — its metabolic effect is already built into every routine, mainlining right into your muscles! Order now to get your FREE preview!


This is not a diet book, and there's no special eating plan. Instead, Coach Nick shows you how to use "complementary eating" with different combinations of foods to maximize calorie burn and gain nutritional benefits. You consume fewer calories without ever having to count them.

Low-fat diets are not your bff!
You can turn your metabolism to molasses by doing this.

Cutting carbs sabotages your fat-loss efforts!
Guess what? You only lose water, not fat, when you cut carbs. Because your body still needs fuel, it breaks down muscle tissue for energy. There goes your muscle tone! For the best carbs to eat, see your FREE PREVIEW!

Eating fruit by itself can turn
your body into a fat magnet!

There's a hidden secret in the
glycemic index that no one tells you
about. Next time you eat fruit, eat it
with this type of food to avoid a
fat-packing insulin spike.

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Internationally renowned coach Nick is
the owner of Performance University
International, which provides hybrid
strength conditioning for athletes. He's
worked with professional football players
and professional bodybuilders and is
hailed as the "Trainer for Trainers,"
educating and training coaches and trainers worldwide. He has produced more than 15 training DVDs and is a regular contributor to major fitness magazines.

As you lose fat and flab and get leaner, muscle definition naturally emerges. But for a tighter, more toned body, you also need to build muscle, which creates the shape of your body.

If you want to gain a little strength and get good at short bursts of power, then stick with set reps, girly dumbbells, and weight machines. But if you want to ROCK A HOT BODY, drop body fat (not just water weight!), and build real power and endurance that scores you a lean, sexy, athletic physique, then the 3 Cs of metabolic strength training are for you. Yep, you’ll go at it hard, but you’ll be “that girl” who turns heads!

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AS YOU LEARN HOW TO DROP 5, 10, 20 POUNDS OF FAT, you’ll change your body’s metabolism from a slow fat burner to a fast fat burner. Plus, you’ll learn all kinds of training secrets to improve your performance — and your results!

Discover why you don't want to train to exhaustion.

5 exercises you should be doing in every training program

Why lower reps to bulk up and higher reps to get lean and toned is FALSE!

Dis the myth "You'll get bulky if you lift heavier." It's impossible — and here's why.

Go hard or go home — it's not the smartest training approach.

Simple way to tell if you ate too much — or too little

Eliminate strength imbalances with this simple but effective move.

Never use only body-weight training here's why.

8 moves, 1 exercise. You've never seen anything like this total-body blaster!

Research shows that high-intensity exercise like the 3 Cs boosts metabolism
for up to 72 hours
, something steady-state cardio like running or cycling can't do!
Find out why here

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